The Nuri Program is made by VISANG, and there is more to the program

So that the learning can begin from a clumsy attempt of one step

VISANG, a public education partner, actively supports the teachers at the kindergartens and nurseries, who are the first teachers in the lives of our kids and the Nuri program, their first educational program. The EBS Nuri Sam, made by VISANG and the Korea Educational Broadcasting System EBS together, is a general, online service for the teaching activities of the early childhood education teachers.

Nuri Plus

As an integrated textbook which contains the teaching materials from the Nuri Program for those who are from 3 years old to 5 years old and the contents for the little children, it provides not only the Nuri Program, but also the distinct characteristic programs by age, including the character, the cultures of the world, our history, etc. The notifications on the education is provided the teacher education every week, and the right-away activity Sam Q is a helper for new-concept teaching activities.