Joyful Discovery

By pursuing a new paradigm and by researching differently from the others, we grow together and create an happy experience in which the values are shared.

  • Finding New

    Finding New

    We, who experience a wider world and pursue a new paradigm, are VISANG.

    In order to look at ordinaries in different perspectives and for the learning of the new paradigm that can go beyond the limitations, VISANG cheers for the first step toward a wider world.

  • Thinking Difference

    Thinking Difference

    We, who respect the difference, who have the doubts regarding the world, and who fiercely research, are VISANG.

    VISANG, who listens carefully with a mature mind, fiercely worries and researches differently from the others in the ordinary, everyday life, makes the utmost results.

  • Making Together

    Making Together

    We, who desire for learning strongly and who enjoy together with everyone else and grow, are VISANG.

    VISANG, who encompasses all ages regardless of nationality and who transmits the new and beneficial happiness to all of the people anywhere and at any time, is together in the journey of the learning, in which the diverse.

  • Sharing Belief

    Sharing Belief

    We, who make the new future into a reality and who share the future-oriented values, are VISANG.

    VISANG, who says it will shift the paradigm of the education of the world by going beyond creating a standard model in Korea, contributes to the innovative growths of everyone.