• The visual generation now learn visually
  • VISANG, NOW Issue 2020.01
    The visual learning for the visual generation

    The visual generation now learn visually

    Think visually
    Share visually
    The visual generation
    The visual learning method

    Times have changed. and so have children.
    Therefore, the study method must be different. Visually.

    "Generation X" parents are raising "Generation Z", 
    Gen Z kids these days are so-called "Visual Generation". 

    The Korean Gen X parents used web portal Knowledge iN for posting and answering questions. 
    Kids, these days, use YouTube for information.

    The parents expressed their individuality using their “bodies”.
    Kids, these days, use Instagram and TikTok.

    When the parents wanted to play in their childhood, they went to the playground.
    Kids, these days, turn on the YouTube Play Channels when they want to play.

    When the parents expressed their feelings, they wrote.
    Kids, these days, use emoticons to express their emotions.

    They think visually.
    They express visually. Everything has changed.

    Then, shouldn't the study method change visually?

    Children, who excels in an academic area,
    are already redrawing the 'study map' by adding visuals to their study methods
    with “Visual Thinking,” a changed learning method in a changed era.

    TAP 1. Bringing a study framework to life 
    Visual Thinking, [Think] Visually 

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    'Visual Thinking', which adds visual to study methods, helps the concept framework to be firmly anchored using drawings In the end, it strengthens the study framework. The understanding of concepts becomes more vivid beyond studying by seeing, listening, and reading through the drawing, thinking, and speaking process. Learners can see the big picture of their studies  beyond individual simple memorization of partial knowledge through the tree-structure concept map.


    Studying means grasping what the big stem is and finding out what kind of tree it looks like in general. It should be systematic science, not piecemeal knowledge.

    If learning to grasp the whole tree structure is not done consciously, a wrong learning habit of subconsciously memorizing parts is formed. This is because it can have consequences that hinder intellectual growth.

    In the end, “Visual Thinking” adds visuals to study methods. It is an effective learning method that allows learners to visualize their thoughts so that they can develop the power of their studies as well as their thoughts.

    TAP 2. To perfect studying through expression and sharing
    Visual thinking, [Share] visually

    Expression and sharing are the complettion of visual thinking learning method. 

    Through the process of visually expressing and sharing what learners have studied so far, they are able to distinguish between what they know and don't. from what they have studied A habit of self-directed study that enables them  to check and distinguish what they know will be formed.

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    Sharing "Visual Thinking" doesn't happen by itself. To visually “withdraw (express)” learners' thoughts First of all, they need to know how to check and summarize their thoughts from an objective stance. While visually sharing their thoughts with others, they have to closely compare their thoughts with those of others in order to develop their thoughts.

    So "Visual Thinking" can be seen as "Growing Together". It’s also “Studying Synergy” that expands and deepens the mind.

    This is the reason why thoughts studies with Visual Thinking are completed with Visual Thinking.

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