• Changing Times, Evolving Textbooks
  • From teaching

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    Visang, Speaks of the history of textbooks of the Republic of Korea


    Changing Times,

    Evolving Textbooks


    There was a time when it was possible to live with 'textbooks‘. 




    But, not anymore.

    So textbooks are evolving even today.

    The first curriculum made by our own hands in 1954

    pursued 'teaching' of textbooks, by textbooks, and for textbooks.

    In those days, such an education was right.

    However, the latest curriculum revised in 2015

    does a complete one eighty from that time.

    To change the role of textbooks from “teaching” to “coaching”

    To cultivate the creativity of children through their experiences and involvement.


    For a new request in a new era,

    It is a response from 'textbooks', that don't seem to be textbooks.

    This is also the reason why the design that attracts attention has been 'installed'

    in textbooks that contain the times.

    VISANG has been with the emergence of new textbooks

    since 2007.

    Since 2016, VISANG has been publishing state-made textbooks

     and writing the 'present' of textbooks of the Republic of Korea.

    From now on, with this VISANG

    let's look at the changes and evolution of textbooks of the Republic of Korea.




    The Republic of Korea's Textbook Chapter 1 | Content 

    Contains the times, and resembles the generations 



    Textbooks contain the imes and resemble those generations.

    The flowering period that changed from traditional education to modern education

    The textbook were dreams for a stronger country.

    The Japanese colonial period, when the sovereignty of the nation was violated.

    The textbooks were just tools of the Japan's colonial policies.

    From liberation to just after the Korean War, the syllabus design period (1945~1954).

    The textbooks were lights to get through the chaotic times.

    Curriculum periods, when we create large frameworks for education with our own hands from 1954, 

    also incorporates the wishes and spirits of the people of that generation

    in every corner of eight-time revisions and changes of textbooks.

    Korean textbooks have changed constantly. 

    The textbooks contain the times, and resemble generations.

    The Copernican Revolution-like transformation of the textbooks begins from the 2007 revised curriculum.




    There were big shifts in the instructional pivot from "teaching" to "coaching"

    and from "curriculum learning" to "creativity".

    VISANG at this time, for the first time since its founding,

    began to develop and publish state adopted textbooks

    opening a new era of textbooks in Korea.

    It has been only 10 years since it was founded.

    Since then, VISANG was selected as the publisher of 2016 Elementary Integration/Science Textbooks

    2017~2019 Elementary Science Books, and

    2020~2022 Elementary Mathematics Textbooks.

    We are writing the history of textbooks that contain 'Today',

    and textbooks that resemble 'Tomorro


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    The Republic of Korea's Textbook Chapter 2 | Design 

    Attract attention, Lead to the future 



    If we talked about textbook content earlier,

    Now let's talk about textbook design.

    System Transition from state-made to state-adopted,

    In a changing generation centered on 'Visual Thinking'

    It has been a long time since designing textbooks

    has become a necessity, not an option.

    However, applying design to textbooks

    is not that simple.

    This is because the textbook design must be able to accurately convey

    key keywords of the curriculum and engage learners in activities.




    Therefore, art directors who design textbooks

    must pursue design

    that enables learners to clearly understand from the curriculum to the flow of learning

    and maximize the efficiency of learning and activities.

    So VISANG operates the Creative Design Lab.

    Textbook content developers and

    the art directors of the VISANG Creative Design Lab

    Create eye-catching textbook design.

    Create design that leads us to the future of textbooks.

    Win international awards such as iF Design Award, and A’ Design Award.

    Raise the global stance of Korean textbooks.


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