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  • VISANG, NOW Issue 2020.03 

    Leads changes in education with EdTech 




    innovates classrooms

    by the 4th Industrial Revolution


    Imagination of the classroom becomes reality

    That's with EdTech



    “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

    In the movie <The Secret Life of Walter Mitty>




    such as artificial intelligence with industries in earnest

    , as a completely new “paradigm of the era beyond the industries,

    is requesting education for a completely new talent.

    Rather than the so-called “technician”

    who is used to solving and managing a given problem.

    This is a request from the times for "omnidirectional talents"

    who discover problems by themselves and demonstrate creative leadership.


    Education aims to 

    make this trend of the times a reality.

    The education sets the direction for itself

    to gain fusion thinking skills based on science and technology and

    to take STEAM literacy(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

    to cultivate the ability to solve problems in the real world.

    To speed up the way there, 

    We are actively introducing

    "EdTech” which combines technology with education.

    EdTech is making the imaginative classroom a reality.

    With VISANG, an education and culture company that realizes everyone's imagination,

    Let's experience it!





    EdTechⅠ Intelligence 

    AI Customized Studying for 'Me'

    Realizing the self-directed learning



    #EdTech_Intelligence #AI #Self-Directed Learning #englishEye

    The intellectualization of education is one of the megatrends of education 

    to realize learner-centered customized future education

    by adding AI to education.

    Each learner's strengths and weaknesses are 

    thoroughly analyzed by AI based on subject achievement big data.

    It enables teachers to conduct better classes, and

    provides students with personalized 'curriculum' and questions from each subject areas.


    It is the realization of personalized learning (PL),

    i.e., complete self-directed learning.

    This trend of intelligence

    is being applied one after another to VISANG's brands.

    The top brand is "englisheye".

    "englisheye" has over 1,400 high-quality content produced from overseas such as the United States, Hawaii, and New Zealand.

    It has been favorably received in the marketplace.




    It has been recently equipped with AI-QV technology for more accurate education.

    It is drawing attention once again with reinforced self-directed learning

    through speaking training, pronunciation correction, presentation practice, and quiz games.


    AI-QV is a next-generation smart learning system that combines AI, internet based tests (IBT),  quiz games (Quest Space), and Visual Portfolio.




    EdTech Ⅱ Connectivity 

    Interactive Connectivity

    Connected with a bigger world


    #EdTech_Connectivity #Interactive #Wings #Early Childhood English Solution




    Connectivity in teaching and learning is a huge wave of changes

    where education is connected with interactive technologies to realize a greater future.

    From classes held at the same place and at the same time

    To interactive classes that are possible anytime, anywhere

    From one-way education based on knowledge transfer

    To communicative education based on creativity

    From fixed teacher-student relationships with homework/assignment checking and Q&A teaching

    To flexible teacher-student relationships based on participation, sharing and discussion

    Through more extensive and more immediate interactions

    Teachers and students grow bigger together.

    It is a major transition to a “network-based hyper-connected education environment”.

    In line with this trend of 'educational connectivity'

    VISANG has created the early childhood English solution "Wings"

    that connects interactive technology to early childhood English content.


    Wings is an interactive class through a tablet PC and an electronic board.

    It creates an activity-based English learning environment for young children.

    It has been developed with the emphasis on the interaction between the teacher and young children.

    by comprehensively considering the child development process, creativity and sociality.

    Wing is exported to China, Vietnam and Myanmar.

    It is growing as a global early childhood English solution. 




    EdTech Ⅲ Reality 

    Live Textbooks

    School classroom is waken up




    Reality in education means that texts and images in textbooks come to life through extended reality (XR) such as AR, VR, and MR. It also means that the concept of learning space extends from offline classrooms to virtual spaces.

    In other words, it is possible to achieve multidimensional education that crosses reality and virtuality while education uses virtual reality technology to overcome physical constraints.

    Reality in education means more than the technological changes in the display that students face.



    Through diverse and creative experiences. It cultivates "omnidirectional talents” requested by the era of the 4th industrial revolution. It is a new paradigm of education and the beginning of a holistic change.

    According to changes with the times, "VivaSam", VISANG's brand of elementary, middle and high school teaching resources operates a teaching resources theme hall using augmented reality (AR).



    #EdTech_Reality #Vurtual Reality #teacher support services #VivaSam


    <Virtual Science Lab> Difficult scientific principles can be easily understood by 30 kinds of virtual scientific experiments implemented in VR and MR using PC and mobile devices. <VR Geology Field Trips> Explore the geological attractions, Jeju Island National Geopark and Goseong Dinosaur Museum, with VR and learn 15 points of place. <VR Tours of History> It is designed to vividly experience major historical sites from prehistory to modern era with animation and specialized content traveling into the history in the VR content. 




    EdTech Ⅳ Convergence 

    Education 'grows' industries.

    Industries 'grow' education



    The convergence of education is the most 'educational response of education'

    to the request of the 4th industrial revolution era and EdTech innovation. 

    This is because the convergence of education is 

    to realize the next-generation customized education that is possible anytime, anywhere 

    by combining technology with the traditional role of education,

    such as cultivating new manpower in the industry and retraining existing manpower.

    It is also the birth of EdTech itself.

    EdTech, created in this way, promotes the convergence of industries.

    It further develops industries.

    Industries that have grown in this way can reap synergy effects

    by growing education as a meta-industry

    that fosters industries again. It's a WIN-WIN relationship.




    VISANG has developed and introduced its own EdTech platform to the world

    in response to these changes in the times.

    That's "AllviA".

    AllviA can be said to be an accelerator that speeds up EdTech.

    This is because it is a lever to innovate educational content once again with EdTech,

    which integrates with the educational content that VISANG has innovated,

    and makes the content intelligent, connected and realistic.

    VISANG content, which has been innovated by EdTech, in this way

    is actively 'meeting' the global market.


    #EdTech_Convergence #AllviA #EdTech Platform #AllviA 

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