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    People say "if you can't avoid it, try to enjoy it."

    But, can you enjoy studying too?

    Even if times change, our education is still heading for university entrance exams. It's not easy to enjoy the process in a pinhole competition. However, the advancement of technology has brought digital content so called EdTech. It makes 'studying just for me' possible. Schools and students are responding to attempts to add fun to the process while increasing the learning effect.

    Now, we live in the Hiper Society by the 4th Industrial Revolution and 5G commercialization, and studying has become fun! 



    Enlightening study with a cute character AI chatbot

    The cute character for elementary school students with low concentration!. The AI chatbot becomes a good friend who adds studying fun for children and a kind teacher who checks their learning status

    What does the AI chatbot do?

    The cute AI chatbot in smart learning boosts children's motivation for learning through a variety of learning events, praise and rewards for their study results. Also, in the process of challenging to achieve goals, it helps children learn spontaneously and feel a sense of accomplishment so that they have a fun experience.

    The integration of AI into education is no longer surprising thing. What if even AI speech recognition technology could provide a clue to solution to the Korean narrative writing test questions?

    Applied TTS(Text-to-Speech) and STT (Speech-to-Text), the AI chatbot recognizes the learner's situation and provides customized information. The learning process is conducted through a chat window familiar to the learner. The chatbot analyzes and grades learners' answers, and reports the results in real time. In the process of having a conversation with the chatbot with voice recognition technology, the learner can develop not only writing but also speaking skills.

    Don't struggle alone with narrative writing test questions! Ask the AI chatbot for help!



    Math solution that the learner can level up

    like a game and happily improve math skills 


    "Give up on math? Seriously?" 


    Struggling in math? Having math anxiety? Feeling a barrier to engage and progress in math? There is a solution that connects concepts and questions from areas suitable to individual student level.

    One-to-One Customized Online Learning Solution Elementary, middle and high school level, Customized to individual level and learning speed.




    ▲Types of learning styles according to individual differences in learning and achievement

    ▲Textbook/learning resource 'CLINIC' for school performance grades

    ▲Evaluation for checking student achievement

    ▲Unit/Type/Narrative Writing Questions/University Entrance Tests Questions 'BANK'

    ▲Video lectures on concepts/textbooks/solving typical type of questions

    Design customized content for each level. Visualize academic achievement in six stages: start-low-effort-medium-excellent-complete Identify individual achievement level by area, just like game levels Intensive learning on units and types with low-level knowledge and skills

    Troubled with math? Difficult to keep up with what you are learning? Now, how about adjusting  your learning speed according to your own learning 'curriculum' and pace?



    Interactive & Communicative English



    "Language skill is developed in interaction." 

    The language learning environment created within the digital platform moves based on 'enjoyable communication' rather than knowledge transfer.

    The learner's tablet PC and the teacher's electronic blackboard become a communication link. Students improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

    Early childhood English learning, aimed at participation and  cooperation Interaction with peers and teachers is more important than anything else.

    Children participate in learning activities with 3D animation characters on the tablet PC. The teacher checks the class situation, and children’s reaction and speed with the electronic board.

    Interactive classes are possible through sharing and cooperation.

    Improve the communication and oral-language competence of young children Participation and concentration, sharing and cooperation, and pleasant communication are the answers.

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