Master Korean

The best Korean-language learning system for the corporations and the foreign students at the universities

The Korean language! Everyone must be able to learn more easily and comfortably

Through the optimal, online learning system, MasterKorean enables foreigners in corporations and language schools at universities to learn Korean easily and effectively.
MasterKorean will become the answer to learning the Korean language.

3S of MasterKorean

  • Special 학습 컨텐츠 Special contents for Korean learning

    By adopting the textbooks of prestigious universities in the Korean language education system, the incumbent teachers directly lecture from these special lecture contents and curriculum.

  • Smart 온라인 환경 Smart evironment for online learning

    With the regular programs of the language schools of the officially-recognized universities as the foundation, the smart 6-phase, a customized-type program, has been designed to fit the level of the foreigner learner.

  • Simple 학습방법 Simple korean learning method

    The foreigners who are not familiar with online learning can begin the study of the Korean language easily through the installation of the player or the app.

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