• Visang Education Emphasizing Expertise to Best Target the Global Education Market
  • - Using the creative educational platform AllviA to enter Asian, Middle Eastern, and South American markets.

    - Planning to employ a global subscription-based learning service and to participate in Education Korea this year


    Visang Education, a global education company, is strengthening its EdTech platform-based business model to expand its overseas sales channels.


    Starting with a young learners English program exported to China in February 2017,  Visang has signed export contracts of approximately 36,000,000 USD in countries in Asia, the Middle East, and South America.


    This was made possible by AllviA, a next-generation EdTech platform built through high expertise in both education and IT, and its creation of a student-centered class. Inspired by the need to depart from the one-sided teacher-focused approach and to improve content quality, AllviA is helping to create a more creative classroom environment. 


    As of spring 2021, Visang has developed AllviA and exported Wings (English for young learners), ELiF (elementary school English), Math Alive (elementary school mathematics), and KLaSS (Korean-language content) to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Qatar, UAE, and Egypt. 


    For Math Alive, which was initially conceived for foreign markets, an export contract was signed with a Vietnamese education company during the development phase. This was made possible thanks to AllviA’s contributions to improving mathematical thinking through customized problem solving based on metacognition and AI technologies. 


    The instructional material for Math Alive was developed in English and structured to meet American academic achievement guidelines called Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 


    Recently, a strategic business alliance was established with the U.S.-based MetaMetrics® allowing us to apply Lexiles, which measure English language reading ability and text on the same scale, to the elementary English program, ELiF, and the self-directed English-learning program, englisheye. 


    Visang's unique EdTech technology and high-quality content received favorable reviews at world-class awards ceremonies. 


    Visang participated in the ‘BETT Show 2021,’ the world's largest educational technology exhibition, which was held online from January 20 to 22. Visang was nominated as a ‘BETT Award’ finalist in recognition for englisheye, a self-directed English learning program for elementary and secondary schools. The final results will be announced at the awards ceremony in the UK on July 1.



    This year, Visang plans to introduce a global secondary school learning solution combining middle school-level English and math content with a distance education service optimized for online learning. 

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